As we think about place

October 14, 2009

I’ve started to research precedents of the types of projects I wish to curate (and create!) under the This Place Projects umbrella. I’ll start to make posts about specific projects that might give you an idea of what I’m thinking. More posts soon to come will examine various structures present in the art world (and beyond) that I can emulate as I establish my own structure.

portland_tanOrk Posters makes these amazing neighborhood maps of major American cities.

Abraham Ingle is a Portland-based artist who makes an amazing project called Neighborhood Diaries. He records people’s location-based memories, compiles them into audio files with composed and edited music, and releases them as free interactive tours of specific neighborhoods. So far he’s covered Buckman, Boise, Downtown and King neighborhoods. I like that Abe acts as facilitator in this project, relying on his audience to create content. The result is this beautiful kaleidoscope of memory, narration and personal experience.

This project is distinctly about place in that it asks people to consider their personal relationships to a particular location. I appreciate the encouragement, this invitation for people to dig into themselves and come up with their intangible recollections of a place. That’s what this place is all about.


One Response to “As we think about place”

  1. abraham said

    Such kind words! Thank you!

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