October 18, 2009

Picture 3

My planned schedule for THIS PLACE PROJECTS.
Very detailed. Sorry, this is boring, but necessary.
It’s all below the jump.

Tuesday, October 20
Visual identity: three logo sketches
Website: plan structure of site. blog? traditional exhibit site? what is TPP’s presence on social networks?

Thursday, October 22
Audience Participation: Have plan for lecture series almost completely developed. Consider time, date, location, audience.
Visual identity: Continue developing sketches. Place in context.

Tuesday, October 27
Important deadline: 5% of grade. Post all work to Flickr.
Website: Bring outline of website structure. Have URL purchased or parked, have blog categories established.
Visual Identity: Bring updated versions of logo work. Work on system of identity.

Thursday, October 29
Visual identity: narrow down choices, begin to fully refine one direction.
Audience/Event: Have the information that will go on the poster. Consider aesthetic direction that will make sense within the visual identity but have its own voice.

Tuesday, November 3
Visual identity: have my identity locked down.
Develop an idea of a system to include variations and applications in different places.

Thursday, November 5
(Our gallery show opens this day so I might not have a ton of work to show.)
Visual identity: three versions of variation within the identity system.
Website: Have url purchased/reserved. Have blog linked. Be almost ready to have the site function.

Tuesday, November 10
Important deadline: 10% of grade. Post minimum of three versions of each deliverable to flickr.
Audience Participation/Event: Have structure of event finalized. Have date, time, place, participants finalized. Have sketches for event poster.
Visual Identity: Make lots of progress. Be closer to having an established system of usage rules.

Thursday, November 12
Website: Have content on the site. Have it function and make it clear how participation is possible.
Visual identity: Use completed identity to define a system of usage. Have examples.
Event: Have one poster direction that I’m refining.

Tuesday, November 17
Visual identity: Have the ingredients for a visual identity brand book, have the logo in context. Have a stamp if it’s going to be a stamp. Basically be finished with visual identity stuff.
Event: Have poster finished and up. Advertise for the event. Have it next week.

Thursday November 19
Website: Evaluate status of site. How is it working? How can I improve upon the structure? Are the goals of the project apparent? Is the content compelling? How is my response from my audience? Do I have an audience? Can I grow my audience?
Event: Have the event this week. Decide how I’m going to document it and how it will function on the site.

Tuesday November 24
Be almost finished
Email a low-res PDF presentation of my status to Lis by 12 noon

Show documentation of event form
Show visual identity, complete and in a system of usage established.
Show poster for the event, with visual identity added
Show structure of the site, show content of the site.

Thursday, November 26
Go home! See my sister!
Maybe make a This Place Project at my parents’ farm.

Tuesday, December 1
Small groups
Bring final portfolio presentation (brand book? website?)
Get critiqued
Edit it for next time.

Thursday, December 3
Full class attends
Bring edited final presentation. Please be finished by now so you don’t stress out.

Tuesday, December 8

Process documentation: audience inclusion/participation/research included.
(Do I include audience in my presentation, or is it separate?)

To turn everything in:
Brand book, all work in context.
Photograph 3D objects
Burn high-res images suitable for publication as well as low-res pdf presentation to Lis
Flickr post of final project.


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