October 19, 2009

512512727_5044d028dc_bI feel like I’m stuck in this string web. Mine isn’t as beautiful, though. It’s grey and internet-colored. Borrowed from Flickr.

I’m currently planning the structure of the website for This Place Projects.  This is hard.

I’m struggling to decide: Does the whole project function as a blog, or do I need both an exhibition site for This Place Projects projects, and a blog to highlight other peoples’ projects?

• The project consists of an exhibition website that links to a blog.
• On the website are the different projects TPP releases, documented beautifully and with links to the artist site. This will only be updated when new projects are released. The site features an “About” page. Will likely be indexhibit because it is beautiful and i hate html.
• The blog will be updated regularly with content. It will feature existing projects, reviews, interviews, guest posts, photo essays of place, and news of releases and events.

• The project is entirely contained in a blog format. All content is here. Reviews, interviews, news, etc. Releases of new projects will take the form of a blog post with all relevant information. “About This Place Projects” will be its own page on the blog.

What do you think?

I also have to consider the best way to integrate a store where TPP projects can be purchased.

2 Responses to “PLANNING A WEBSITE.”

  1. krista said

    I know I am not in your class but I have been thinking about this alot lately for my own website and blog ideas. Indexhibit is a nice layout, but I wonder how many people go once and never come back-if something isn’t changing frequently than why would you? Have you seen precious’s new website? I like the integration of website and the notebook/blog section-it’s nice to have it all in one place.

  2. nicolelavelle said

    oh, you can comment on my stuff any day! i wish you were in my class…

    that’s the big issue, getting people to come back often enough but also do the projects justice in documenting and displaying them.

    i’ll look at precious’s site. if you think of other ones that seamlessly integrate blogging and showcasing work, let me know!

    thank you krista!

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