October 22, 2009

I’ve been trolling the sites of my favorite shops/blogs/organizations/projects in search of inspiration for the organization of This Place Projects and its online presence. Here are some organizational approaches I’m considering:

Northwest of the Nation and Ore-gan Multimedia
These are sister projects used by the artist Adam Zeek to organize his makings, findings, musical and zine-related releases. Both entities exist entirely on blogs.

The Golden Age
This is a shop in Chicago run by some friends-of-a-friend. I like that their site functions as a simple, navigable homepage that includes links to a blog. Immediately we know it’s a shop, but upon further investigation you can tell it’s much more: art, music, media, publications, blog, events calendar, etc.

Coudal Partners
We all know about Coudal, but has anyone ever tried to say exactly what they are in one sentence? A blog, a resource, a hub, a… what, exactly? They hit the mark of community participation better than many sites. Layers upon layers of content and opportunities to participate.

Design for Mankind
What I love about DFM is that it’s a regularly updated blog with a great selection of content, images, regular giveaways, etc. Erin Loechner also publishes a PDF magazine. Love it. A great example of a blog diversifying into other media.

Newly added: Proximity Magazine has a really nice layout of their home page. It’s clean and lets the images of the projects/photography speak. Their logo is appropriately archetypal, fades into the background and functions more as a stamp or seal instead of overpowering the whole thing.

It’s hard because despite all of this great inspiration from entities that function very well online, I’m still at a loss for how exactly to structure my site. The feedback I’ve gotten is pretty evenly split. Many of my peers say having two separate sites is irritating, confusing, too many clicks. Professors have said that a homepage with a blog link is just fine. I’m torn. Is this beginning research showing me a split in generations of internet users? Are we computer-addicted youngfolk too busy to click through to a blog site? Do we need it all in one place?

Still scheming. Working on identity sketches in the meantime.


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