October 27, 2009

I would really love to have my site be a three-column, all-content site.

Navigation, links, information, etc on the far left.
Main blog in the middle.
Mini blog to the far right featuring new This Place Projects releases.

Can I do this with a WordPress theme? Does one exist? (IF YOU KNOW OF ONE PLEASE TELL ME.)
Can I make a beautiful site without COMPLETELY ripping off Public School and the Post Family?
I’m just so enamored with their pure content: there’s no flim flam filling up space, no weird navigation links overwhelming the content, the pictures speak for themselves.

Here are some snapshots of sites that I like. In descending order: ideal site layout comes first, and what is less ideal but more realistic comes last.

Picture 2The Post Family: Simple, white, pure goodness. Four columns, actually, one too many for my needs. But still my favorite in terms of simplicity. The structure fades to the background, the content does the talking. Developed by The Black Hole.

Picture 1Public School: One, two, three columns of goodness. POWERED by WordPress, which gives me hope. Designed by something/someone called Bossa Nova chips and salsa.

Picture 3Thinking for a Living: Not enough images for what I’m looking at, and too much color (gendered=no go for this place) but: “Navigation, Blog, Resources” is what I’m looking for.

Picture 4The people who made the Thinking for a living site. Many columns.

Picture 5Gavin Potenza’s portfolio site. Content is images, but is still in columns with headers. Seems like each is editable as a separate item, which I like.Picture 6A blog that came up when I searched for “Three Column blog” Not looking at it for its visual aesthetics but instead its organization. Looks more do-able for me with my limited tolerance of building site. Html freaks me out and I don’t know any of the other acronymns.

Picture 8Pikaland: Gemma Correll’s lovely site focusing on illustration. Now we’re getting more into blog territory, which is great, though these sorts of readymade templates just lack some of the simplicity i’m looking for.

Picture 9Stuart Hobday’s portfolio site/blog. Nice looking. Too dark for me but i like the really modular layout.

OKAY. Now, how do I create this magical perfect site that I’m dreaming of? Where are you, free wordpress theme?

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