October 27, 2009

I definitely didn’t find exactly what I wanted to find, but there are WordPress themes out there that almost fit my high expectations! Here are a few that I’m considering. These were all found on Best WordPress Themes. Many are considered “magazine” style themes. I think I might need to take Art 342.

Picture 10Top of the list. Would have to kill the orange if possible. Allows for categories.

Picture 11Another top contender. I like that it allows the images to be the main content, but there might be some trouble with navigation and people wanting to zip through posts like a regular blog.

Picture 14This is closest to what I had in mind, though it might be frustrating to have a whole column of navigation that I don’t have control over. (far right) I like that this has a place for a featured image. Futurosity Eos.


4 Responses to “WORDPRESS THEMES”

  1. kmastellos said

    I really like the simplicity of the last blog with the black bars. It feels very sophisticated. I also like the bright colors used in the first though!

  2. Yeah. I don’t know about the long column of links n the side of the third one, unless they’re to somewhere important. The middle one with the 3 photos going across seems more your style, simple yet effective. It will be more clear to you once you give it a go, see how it works with your content. I look forward to seeing what fits your expectations 🙂

  3. Oh, the first one is kind cool to because it draws attention to your twitter if you have and the RSS feed, could be a nice addition if your into that sort of thing. But do you have to have those little characters by them? Oh I don’t know, all 3 has potential.

  4. Veslava said

    Yoiur site looks great! Love the blog.. If you are interested in any webg design feel free to contact me at http://vadoz.ru

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