November 18, 2009

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Hello friends!

You are invited to participate in the Hometown Lecture Series.

The first installment of the series takes place Monday, November 23 at 12noon in the MK Gallery. This space is located on the second floor of the Art Building at PSU, 2000 SW 5th Avenue. (It’s where the Graphic Design Student Show LOVE WHAT YOU DO is installed right now.)

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You’re invited to give a short (2-5 minute) presentation on what you know best: where you come from. Please bring at least one visual aid: a photograph, your childhood blanket, a map, a video.

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If you are not interested in presenting, you are encouraged to come and listen! As part of the audience, you are important.

Limited refreshments will be provided.

What is this all about?

The Hometown Lecture Series is part of This Place Projects, my thesis project for Art 470. TPP is a curatorial and creative experiment exploring location-based artmaking. Find more at the This Place website or follow my scheming and planning on my 470 blog.

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****Related Sidenote**** This Place Projects has submitted a proposal to Portland Stock, a monthly public dinner event which funds small to medium-sized artist projects. Please consider attending the event and casing your vote for This Place! (Diners pay a modest $10 for a dinner of homemade soup and the chance to take part in deciding which artist proposal will receive the evening’s proceeds. In other words, the dinner’s profits immediately become an artists grant, which is awarded according to the choice of the diners. Winning artists will present their completed work at the following Stock dinner.) Head over to Portland Stock to learn more and RSVP for the dinner! Come support two great projects. An interesting tidbit: two of the three Stock organizers are current or former graduate students in Art from PSU!


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