October 4, 2009


A sampling of mood boards to come. Find our gallery here.

Project: Anywhere But Here

Group: Christy, Orion, Nicole

Premise: To encourage our peers and others in the PSU community to contemplate beyond the present. To encourage community and discussion among participants. To create awesome, mind-blowing design work that is functional, meaningful and beautiful.

Pose the question: Where would you rather be right now? Hold a workshop where participants can explore that question by making a flag of their response. (Responses could include: “Home” “Florida” “1969” “At a Backstreet Boys Concert in 1999” “In Harry Potter’s Castle” “In Stefan Sagmeister’s studio”)
Document the workshop. Post it to a website.

Promotional posters, fliers.
Blank flags.
Travel journal/pocket notebook/passport to elsewhere
Ticket to elsewhere
Cookies shaped like flags.

Problems: How can we make the experience meaningful for participants?
How can we make the documentation represent the feeling of the experience?
How can we produce deliverables that are more than useless ephemera? Meaningful keepsakes, symbolic sculptures?

Christy will have more in-depth writing about our plan on her blog.